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Join as you go granny squares with double crochet?

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I'm making a blanket at the moment that started off with 'Look what I made' - 'Sophie's Universe', then I carried on with the 'block a week' squares, followed by a double row of tiny squares. I now want to add another row of 'Jack and Lydia squares but I need to increase the last squares with a row of double crochet to bring the stitch count up to fit.

Is there a way of joining as you go with double crochet (UK terms)? I normally to it with trebles but I can't think of how to do it with a dc. I've looked online but keep coming up with tr tutorials.


Sorry if that's a bit long winded!


Just thought I'd ask as my brain is aching!! I'll have to crochet them together with an invisible join otherwise but join as you go is so much quicker. It's my own silly fault for going off piste and doing my own thing :lol:

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Have you looked at Attic 24's 'join as you go' instructions? I can't quite get my head round whether this would work or not for double crochet.

Yes, they are the ones I've used before but I can't get my head around using the same method for double crochet either!

I've tried just 'having a go' and can't do it... I think you're right Cat tails, I would just end up with a ridge.

I think I'll have to forget about short cuts and join them together once they're completed.

Thanks so much for your advice both of you :)

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Thank you for the link Karin :)

I'll take a close look at it when I get a chance. I've just done a row of double crochet around all the squares I've made so far and it wasn't too time consuming, so may just stick to joining together afterwards.

I'll give your method a whirl though!

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