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Poorly hen- any suggestions?

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Our last remaining re-homed retired from laying hen (she has two more recent addition sisters) is showing some signs of being poorly.

Miss 3.5 years certainly eats like the others do when free ranging and will consume healthy treats, but she is not at all interested in the usual grit and layer pellets. She has lost significant weight and is constantly drinking! Her waste is almost like water, barely any solids and mainly clear! I saw her close her eyes a few times earlier today and tuck her head under her wing so I know she is not herself. We have set her up in a cage indoors with a corn cob and the usual items of necessity and she seems quite happy, but I still cannot fill her water dish quickly enough.I have added some hen tonic to the water, but don't think there is anything further we can do. Any other suggestions welcome!

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Not sour crop as she hasn't any of the symptoms. She and the others had their last course of Fl-vnt about 4-5 months ago.

I have just however taken her outside for some fresh air and ranging in the sun and caught her up into of my lilly pond bowl, slurping the water! i have never see her or the others do this and i wonder if she had been helping herself to this prior to falling ill and whether she has picked up something from drinking from here! I will continue with the vitamin tonic in her water, but can someone confirm i should also try to purchase some nutridrops, or are these essentially the same form of remedy, just in a concentrated form?

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They are due to be wormed, but you could try some nutri drops first, I've had some great results using these. Give her a big dose, and some really nice things to eat like mealworms and tuna and maybe some yogurt . I don't know how your going to worm her if she's not eating pellets unless you use panacur paste

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