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Egg count down and moulting already

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I've been keeping a count of eggs for a while now but the eggs have gone down by 10 each time for the last 3 months.

April was the best month but June was quite disappointing at only 57. Having lost Tilly and only having 5 girls now obviously makes a difference but actually Lucie has only laid about 4 eggs this year so I really only have 4 girls.

Keeping a count of eggs is interesting and shows just what is going on.


Yesterday I noticed that Lucie is moulting already :shock:

Feathers are everywhere.

Not sure I've ever had one moult so early before.

She is 4.

Are they meant to moult now ?

I know the weather has been pretty miserable so far, apart from a few hot days, but do my girls think it is Autumn already ?

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My exchequer started the moult yesterday and looks like a pillow has exploded in the coup. I put it down to the weather being warm for a few weeks and this last week has been cold, so much so I lit the woodburner twice this week.

I also have a broody Pekin, who has a wicked temper when I try to move her :D

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I don't have any moulting yet, but my egg count is dropping too. Very similar to yours Luvachicken - I have four girls (one of whom only lays a handful each year) and my count was highest in March and April and since then has dropped by 7 or 8 each month.


Have only had one chook have one attempt at being broody so far this year though - must be some sort of record (bet I shouldn't have said that!)

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I have 1 chicken in full moult - she is all white and it looks as if there has been a pillow fight. Also out of 3 girls only 1 is laying - the other two stopped a week ago. Regarding the white one who is moulting - it was all over but just looking at her now she has a bare bit on her chest with what looks like quills. Is this normal? I have only recently got full sized hens after having banties for 5 years. They never moulted much - just stopped laying. :?

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I've got one that came of wanting to be broody about 10 days ago that's in a full on moult and I think she was the first to moult last year but that was about 6 weeks later than this. and last years moult was early I think it's the wide range of temperatures were getting this year plus quite a few early dark over cast and cool nights

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