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Our new home

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I have mentioned this a few times & my Facebook friends will already be aware......


We are moving to France at the end of next month.

We exchanged on the sale of our home here & on our new French house on Monday, so I now feel 'safe' enough to share :lol:


We have bought a big old farm on a hill in the Dordogne, very near to the Medieval town of Sarlat, in a town called Le Bugue.

It was a farm a long time ago, & was bought by a Dutch chap a while ago who replaced the roof & did some more alterations before running out of money.

At £160,000 it is a real bargain, we think!

Its a big L shaped building, of which the short half of the L will be our home. Thats the part with the arched window & blue shutters on the front.

The big part of the L we will convert into Gites ....thats the part with the big blue doors & lovely beams inside.....my Husband is a builder.

It has another huge barn too, plus 17 acres of meadows, woodlands complete with truffles & boar, & even a vineyard hidden somewhere!

Its away from civilisatin, but only a few minutes drives from the markets & amenities of Le Bugue.

Its in a bit of a state - we have bought a caravan to live in for the time being...but it could be gorgeous when its all done up.


Here are a few photos. I think I may start a Blog as we convert it.









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Oh WOW! That looks absolutely stunning - just look at that framework. It's absolutely beautiful :D


Yes, a huge amount to do, but so fabulous - and it'll keep both you and hubby well and truly out of mischief for a while. 17 acres for chickens, truffles, vineyard (not for chickens) ...


You will let us know when those gites are ready, won't you?

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Many, many congrats Sarah and Mr Sarah! I know that this has been your dream for a while and am happy that you have finally realised it! It looks like an amazing property - do you think you can train the chickens to peck for truffles :think: As others have said, let us know when those gites are ready...just post under the Get Together section :lol:


Wishing you both every success and happiness in your new home (you will sill post on the forum, won't you :anxious: )

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So glad you have exchanged Sarah and it is all systems go. We are hoping to exchange in the next couple of weeks so I can then start looking seriously for our new French house, hopefully I can find a beautiful house like yours and such a bargain price, very jealous of the stunning roof. I noticed on another thread you were suffering today with the heat, I was struggling yesterday and OH asked how I was going to cope in France as it will be hotter. :D

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I noticed on another thread you were suffering today with the heat, I was struggling yesterday and OH asked how I was going to cope in France as it will be hotter. :D


I am hoping that as it is high up & on flat ground, there will be a nice breeze!

If not at least I have plenty of woodland t go & hide in :lol:

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No, the chickens have been rehomed. I couldn't bear the thought f a 10 hour car trip with them as well as the cat & dog, plus we won't be replacing them for a while - until the main works are done anyhow.

They would just be in the way.



The long low roof is going to be shortened slightly & opened up to make a covered porch area for the Gites.

This porch will be extended around the elbow of the L which will be our covered porch area. We want to have ur own private spaces on the property so we don't constantly feel like we are living on a holiday site.

We think we can do 3 or 4 Gites in the big beamed barn.

Eventually a pool is going somewhere......

Our living space will be open plan, and we will have 2 bedrooms upstairs. Upstairs above the current living area has also never been touched and is heavily beamed....we hope to pt a gallery area up there somewhere.

The entire roof will have Dormer windows in to give light to the bedrooms. Our room will also have some sort of floor to ceiling glass, possibly French doors & a balcony.

Where the arch window is there will be another identical one on the wall (this will be our living area inside)


A lot of the walls are plastered or rendered inside & out, covering the gorgeous stonework underneath :roll:

So that is all coming off. Also we have the worlds ugliest fireplace inside, & are looking forward to seeing if that is stone under the plaster too.


Apart from that we are going to see what happens!


Basically we can do whatever we like internally, but need planning permission for any external alterations, so we have to go through French planning which will be interesting!


And no, we don't speak much French really, but we met a Lady who we are going to get lessons from 8)

We also have a fabulous Dutch estate agent who speaks perfect English & knows everyone in the area, & has put us in touch with architects etc.

There is an English couple living just over from us....we can just about see their house, so we are hoping they are nice & friendly too :D

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Very jealous, I've been there camping a couple of years ago at the camp site there. It is gorgeous and we had a fabulous pitch with wonderful views of the fields around. I spent ages watching the birds, some of them quite large I remember over the field. The local town is great too, and yes you have a wonderful wonderful position where you are. Let us know when you open up for business??

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This is a really bad thread!!!! :lol: I've begun planning next years holiday now, back to Le Bugue, in a motorhome or camper van this time.



Do you know the Bara Bahau caves & grotto?

Our house is on that road, straight up, 5 mins from the entrance :D

.......It is in a fab position, & we know we also have caves on our land, so who knows what we might find there once we have a proper explore!

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