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Anyone else following the voyage of Guirec and Momo?

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I'm really enjoying following the voyage of Guirec Soudée and his pet chook Monique (MoMo). The pictures he posts of their voyage are stunning, and I love seeing that little chicken. I know it's a bit weird and she didn't have a choice, but she's looking really well on it. I did get a bit nervous when I saw her on a surfboard. (A surfing hen! How mad is that).


Recently he docked in Canada, and got into trouble with the Candian authorities - you aren't allowed to take birds into Canada (and he had a firearm which wasn't registered in Canada). He was imprisoned briefly, while they sorted it all out.


Fortunately, the Canadians seemed very reasonable, and he (and MoMo) are free and are carrying on their adventures.

If you're on Facebook you can follow them here (he posts in French and then repeats it in English):



If you aren't a Facebook user, then you can see some of the videos on Youtube. hhttp://ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2J5SLYPydPi68QIxypXMrw


Anyone else following them?

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