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Chicken toy tip

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Just thought I'd share this, it's probably been suggested already, but I have discovered a great toy to keep my girls "hen"tertained :lol:


I took an empty small soft drink bottle (the 500ml kind) and cut a couple of small holes in the side of it with a knife and a pair of scissors. Then I third filled it with a mix of wild bird seed, dried mealworms and dried insect mix - you could use any treat really. That was the fiddliest part, I had to improvise a funnel out of a sheet of paper to stop everything spilling everywhere.


Then I screwed the lid back on and threw it in the run. The immediate reaction was "GRENADE!!" but they soon learnt the game and fairly soon I couldn't tear them away from it. Billina started kicking it about all over the place, even kicked it at Mary once which Mary didn't appreciate.


Good idea for the winter perhaps when they'll have shorter rations of outdoors fun time.

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Can drill holes in it and hang it up with seeds for the birds - bottom two holes for a piece of wood to go through for the wild birds to perch on works and a hole in the lid for a string to hang it up. Yours sounds fun. Mine dont get treats except a small amount of barley every day but they free range all day long so plenty of other stuff and underneath the peanut feeders.

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