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Xmas swap 2016 - last posting date 11/12/16

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I have pass the parcel! There is inside wrapping paper and a little gingerbread man tag that says I can iron him! Poor little man. :lol: Now where to start? This end? No that end?


Middle! Then ends.

Unroll . . . drum roll . . . and . . .


It's a bag with funky chickens all over it! Brilliant! :dance::dance::dance:


Thank you my little Secret Santa. Hubby said "oooh that's good!"


Mwah xxxxxxxxx


Edited to add will take photos when it's a bit better lighting!

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We are only just up in our house :oops:


Thank you very much to my secret swap for making me a very pretty scarf - can't think of it's proper name, it's a joined up scarf, is it a snood or something ?,

It is perfect for school and will keep me very toasty. It also matches my coat very well.


Hidden inside the scarf was a crocheted Christmas pudding with a chocolate orange inside.

That will go down well later :lol:


Very, very well made so thank you again secret swap :D:D


Will post photos soon.

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I got a lovely mouse shaped angel to adorn my tree! It's great! I didn't have an angel yet. iPoes was eying it, but it made it safe to the tree. :wink:


Also got a craft bag lined with a fabric with motorcycles on it! It had a pair of thread clippers and measuring tape. Will make photo's in a bit.


Thank you secret swappee! :D:clap:

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Thank you so much to my secret Swapee.


I got a beautiful knitted hat, scarf and socks complete with optional Pom Pom, a knitted robin for my tree and some malteser mini reindeer. :dance::dance::dance: I love it all, such lovely warm red colours.


Will post photos shortly.


Merry Christmas to you all and thank you luvachicken for organising the swap.

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Thank you my secret Santa I received a fabulous crocheted wreath in pretty colours with straggly flowers and threads and some fingerless long gloves also chocheted in chunky red and green, lovely for chicken wrangling these cold mornings. My silly family said they were oven gloves :roll: I love them!


I'll post photos later.

Thank you again


Love the mouse Angel and bag :D

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A massive thank you to my swapee, I have two quilted placemats that are absolutely wonderful I love them I am most envious of the skill of the sewer. I also got an ornament for the tree that is hanging in pride of place.


I will try to attach photos if my eldest can help if not I might need to email them to someone to post for me.


I can't iterate enough how blown away with the craftmanship.....love it. :D

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Sorry - couldn't get internet connection for ages this afternoon. I have a gorgeous chicken necklace and earrings and a lovely tree ornament. And there might have been some Lindor chocolates... shhh ... I'm not telling anyone about those!


I will post pics soon. Thank you so much, secret swapper.

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