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Christmas Cakes

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It is nearly November so I feel that a Christmas cooking topic is acceptable :D

Just wondered when you all make yours and whose recipe you use?

I always make a large Delia classic cake and my OH experiments with a new one. This year he has made Nigella's very boosey one. We didn't have any brandy so he used a mix of alsorts from the drinks cabinet, it smelled so Christmassy :drool:

We both made ours a week or so ago because we had some time off work :D

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Any time between now and end November, I usually use Delia's recipe but I don't make a large cake. I volunteer with a charity called Contact the Elderly which takes elderly people out to tea once a month. There are eight elderly guests in our group, so I'll be making eight mini cakes to give out in December at our last tea party of the year. I only have four mini tins so I do two batches.


I have been stockpiling dried fruit and the hens are working hard to provide eggs, but I'll need to hunt out my notes to see what volume I need to fill the tins :D I don't ice them, just put a bit of cake frill round.

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Ive made eight mini cakes, now waiting in the cupboard to be fed with brandy between now and delivery. I usually leave it a bit late so I was quite pleased with myself for getting them sorted.


Then I did another count-up and realised there are nine guests this year. :evil:

Luckily Delia's recipe makes four little ones, I think I can divide it to make a single cake.

Christmas pudding next - it's Stir-up Sunday today, after all!

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