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Getting Ex batts in winter

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As I'm now down to one hen, I'll be finding her some friends when we return from holiday in a few weeks and am considering ex-batts. Does anyone have experience with getting them in winter, as I'm worried they won't fare well going from a life indoors to outside in the cold?


I've never had them before and would love rescue some now I have space in the coop but the timing isn't the best :?



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Your asking the right girl here !!


I love ex commercial girls and for me personally I wouldn't consider any other girls!

I have had girls and indeed rehomed girls in the winter and it's absolutely fine. If it's just usual British cold weather then they will be fine even if they are bare, if it's snowing then I would pop them In a garage or shed for the first few night to acclimatise them but I have never had to do this.


A little extra corn before bed and that will keep them nice and cosy. I'm a Rehomer for BHWT and we have a rehoming on 18th December so what a lovely Christmas those ladies will have!

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Yes, I would second everything Gavclojak says. Do get some ex-commercial ladies, you won't regret it and they'll be fine.


I'm Berks co-ordinator for the BHWT rehoming team and we, too, have a rescue coming up on 11 December, so there's lots of ladies looking for homes in December :D

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