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New Chooks

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I took the plunge today and went to get a couple of new girls.

I was meant to be waiting until the spring but my one remaining hybrid has retired from laying. I had to resort to buying eggs last week :notalk: so decided that I could hold off no longer.

Came home with a White Ranger, Sylvia, and a Bluebelle, Audrey.

Hoping for some eggs soon!


I spent an age yesterday afternoon halving the WIR. Decided to put the new girls in with my cockerel for a week or two until everyone has got used to each other. I normally do slow introductions... however, I went to check on them all this evening and somehow, the two newbies had managed to get through to the other girls and were squashed in amongst them on the perches. I have no idea how they did it :shock:

I carried them back through into the cube and have shut them in for the night with Norris. I'm going to have to check the barricades tomorrow.

I don't want them picking up bad habits from my old lot who refuse to sleep in the (pest free) cube and prefer to roost on the perches even on the coldest nights.

At the moment, Norris has a very luxurious apartment all to himself :roll:

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Yey - new girls :D


When I got my new ones, even though they were young and there were two together they were desperate to be with the others, especially at night.


In the end I let them after just a couple of days and there was nothing outside normal pecking order sorting out.


Hope you get some eggs soon !eggwhite!!eggcream!!eggspeck!

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Thank you :)


I'm going to try and battle it out for a few nights and see how it goes. I was hoping that the older girls might find the cube a little more appealing if they saw the newbies roosting in there.

I don't fancy the prospect of having to lift all 9 of them into the cube against their will if the weather takes a turn for the worst!


Although, if they manage to break through the new defences tonight, I may have to reconsider :roll:


Looking forward to eggs from my White Ranger especially. I've never had a white egg layer before!

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Well, since you insist :wink:


Here's Audrey with Norris,


And Sylvia,


I'm not sure how long she's going to look as pristine as this in all this vile weather.


Pictures of pretty eggs would be nice too - even if it's just to remind me what an egg looks like :lol:

Just for you, luvachicken... A beautiful white egg from Sylvia :dance:


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