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John Lewis Christmas 2016 ad

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This made me roar - it's a beautiful little film, as usual, but those of us who keep chickens will see it in a different light! Also, I think I'd want to disinfect the trampoline before allowing a child to use it :lol: that's just my cynical view of those furry four-footed creatures.


Now, if it had chickens bouncing on it .... :dance:

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I loved it.

I loved the way the little foxes bodies moved when they bounced and that song is one of my all time favourites...this version is brilliant.


I know my wildlife mad niece will love it and I am sure there will be cuddlies instore to tempt us too.


They always pull it out of the bag.

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Has anyone seen the spoof version with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump? It is funny and apparently BBC 3 have done one too.


My daughter showed it to me :lol:


Another one she showed me was of a boxer dog watching the advert and it joining with the bouncing when Buster starts bouncing :lol:


Haven't actually seen the proper advert on telly though :(

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