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New old girls arrive on Monday

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Rather eggcited!


I am going to pick up the Bluebell and Cuckoo Maran on Monday. Very dubious as to how it's going to go with my 3 but nothing ventured, nothing gained!


I feel a little sad as they are my friend's girls. One is 3 and the other is just over 1. She is distraught at having to give them up. She can always visit til 2018 when we move.


Any pre-match advice?

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Yes just got home with them and put them in the coop. They both seem very heavy and the cuckoo is huge. My friend kept them in a makeshift run down the side of the garage. They were in with 2 bunnies, 3 guinea pigs a tortoise and 2 quail which were in cages.


She says Kerry, the bluebell is about 3 and doesn't lay often. She also says Trixie the cuckoo doesn't lay much and she got her as POL just over a year ago. She believes the girls tuck into rabbit/guinea pig nosh and this may be the reason they don't lay.


But they are heavy.


I will photograph them tomorrow. I just want to go out and watch them and check they are ok.

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