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Aubiose, Easi-bed or other alternatives.

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I only use Aubiose in the coop. I generally clean it every day, at the very least poo pick it. I have used sand successfully on the run floor for 2 years now. I poo pick nearly every day. I refresh the sand once a year.


I personally wouldn't use Aubiose on the run floor as I would need so many bales it wouldn't be cost effective. We used 30 bags sharp sand initially and topped up with about 20 last time.

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My OH gets it and he says it's course sharp sand or around here it can be called Thames washed sand. Some garden centres sell it but you can get it from a builders merchants. It gets heavy and claggy when wet; the run is covered but it blows in the sides. However, in its favour, the sand, even when wet, stops the girls getting anything caked on their feet and it's a huge dust bath.


I hope that helps.

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