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Hi guys....


Been thinking about quilting of late, as I fancy having a go. My problem is I can't sew! There is a basic sewing machine in the house, it belongs to my DH :roll:


I am keen to go to a class, but not if I haven't go the basis skills needed to start with.....


What are your thoughts?





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I agree - you don't need a flashy machine to start with - or however old it may be if it's still working, although if you have an older one then it might be a good idea to get it serviced before starting in case there are any problems that might put you off.


I was always better at hand sewing than with the machine, so although I had the basics, I'm learning all the time. Youtube is great - just type in sewing for beginners and you'll come up with so many options - you'll find your favourite soon enough. With patchwork there are so many people out there. You may find you prefer quilting than actually patching - surprising how many people like one but not the other. I like it all! :lol: For patchwork the main thing is the "scant quarter of an inch seam" - I wouldn't worry too much about that, just play with your machine and get to know it. Then when you feel comfy with it then if there is a quilt shop near you just pop in and chat with them. They usually have a day set aside for people of all abilities to go and have a natter and it's a great time to learn more as they are only too happy to help. After that you'll probably suss out the courses and try a few.


But if you feel it's not for you, don't beat yourself up - you never know unless you try. Main thing is to have fun.



Edited to add Craftsy have some free tutorials so check some out there, but I found the hands on with a teacher to hand is best.

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