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Merry Christmas!

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Thank you...likewise, I'm sure!!!


Being woken by bouncing children at 6.24am was not the best start to the day but all the presents seemed to be well received. However, the soldering set for ES has now run out of solder but I was beginning to fear for the tablecloth anyway so maybe no bad thing!


Rudolph made a terrible mess on the patio last night with the oats which OH is now treading into the house every time he goes back and forth to the compost bin :wall: (Must remember to put them on the lawn next year :wink: )


Merry Christmas!

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AndyRoo - Please see previous post about being woken at 6.24am :wall::roll::shock::lol: !!!!!


Hahaha! I know - but on the other hand you get your own human being!! :D


Plus my kids will be good as gold... and given Night Nurse jelly the evening before to guarantee a Christmas morning lie in!! :lol::lol:

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