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George Michael

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Part of my teenage years. :(


I know they keep telling us it's just coincidence etc but this year feels weird for the number of famous people who have died.


Dave Swarbrick, Leonard Cohen and Rabbi Lionel Blue are three that I'm particularly sad about, but there have been so many.

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I guess some of these guys are paying for their hedonistic past....Rick Parfitt springs to mind, Carrie Fisher - although hopefully she'll get better, David Bowie etc etc.

It amazes me that some are still with us, how on earth is Ozzy Osbourne still going strong(ish)......and the Rolling Stones.

I think the sex, drugs and rocknroll pigeons are coming home to roost for some people.

That's not meant to be harsh or judgemental but it must have wreaked havoc with their bodies. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we really do benefit from better knowledge now how to take care....if we choose to listen.

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Goodness, now Carrie Fisher too..............as PL wisely said it does seem to be lifestyle related with these 'younger' deaths. Apparently Carrie Fisher was a bit of a ladette before ladette's were invented! I guess there is only so much that the human body can take...Oliver Reed and Keith Floyd also spring to mind (not this year of course but hedonism catching up!)


Maybe with Ozzy Ozbourne it was all a front and he was secretly on the museli and orange juice all those years :think: Mick Jagger might be one of the 'knit your own yogurt' brigade but just putting on an act :shameonu:

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