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Help removing a lock!

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Hello all,


I bought myself a piece of furniture that I am planning to do up; however, it came with a locking door. Naturally there was no key with it so I have decided to remove the locking mechanism and replace it with a standard handle.


All good so far, except: the locking mechanism appears to have been put in with pins as opposed to screws.


Does anyone have any fancy ideas as to how I might remove it? There's a picture of the lock below.


I've tried prying to pins out, but that doesn't seem to be working, and I have a drill - buy I am not confident it is strong enough to drill other metal!






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Would a tack remover (upholstery tool) be able to get behind it? Something like this?




I take it you have googled cabinet restoring tips, as someone might have an idea. I guess the other option would be to drill out the pins using a small drillbit and working up to a larger one.


Good luck :D

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Thanks everyone. Maybe I'll try the levering idea... I was almost toying with the idea of turning it into an 'open' display cabinet or something anyway.


Now I just have to decide what colour to do it. Maybe I'll have to do some before and after pics.

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Sorted it! It turns out if you looked in the lock mechanism from the front, one of the pin screws was there, so I managed to waggle it until it popped loose. Once it popped out, I levered the rest of the mechanism and it fell apart freeing it up!


I've now use some wood filler to close up the lock, and I'm going to replace it with a new handle.


I'll post some pictures of the project once it's all sorted! :D

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