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Stuck on my new crochet. Finished !!!

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:lol: Made my day! :anxious:

Sounds like you are doing great!

It will get loads easier once it "clicks". It took me a few projects before I really started to get the hang of it.


I can make your day again if you like :D .....


The parent of the lovely boy that I've supported 1 to 1 with for the last 3 years bought me a subscription to a crochet magazine as my leaving present in the summer.

The last one came today with a free unicorn kit.

I read the magazine really carefully and all the instructions for the unicorn - there were instructions for 2 heads :? , ears, eyes ,horns and wings but nothing for it's body or legs.

I sent her a message saying did she know what page the rest of the instructions were on only to find that as I sent it, turning the pages of the magazine, there was the correct unicorn staring straight at me :lol:

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Have you finished the reindeer Luvachicken?


Not yet :oops:

I was having a little rest from her as my shoulder has playing up but, funnily enough, I did do some more of her today.

Another leg (which will be an arm) with no mistakes - probably helped by the fact I used 2 stitch markers :lol:

I'm hoping to get her finished during half term (this week for me :dance: )

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Well Donna needs just one more antler :dance:

She has taken me a while to get sorted but mostly because I have not done her and been doing other things instead - especially over the summer.


I only had her antlers left but I think I hadn't got round to doing them because I knew I couldn't really do them :(

Anyway, the other day I thought I WILL do the antlers, so got started .......

3 hours later I had one antler :lol:

I was so disappointed with it that I chucked in its bag and left it there.

In the staff room at school, someone mentioned crochet and I asked if they could look at my antler so I took it to school today, and it didn't look as bad as I thought.

Not only that, one of the teachers asked if it was an antler, and I was really pleased that she had recognised it without hearing the conversation before.

That has given me the confidence to do the other antler.

I just need to find a spare 3 hours to do it in :lol:

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Yahoo, now that stupid photo bucket no longer exists I can actually do my photos.

I am going to award myself another gold star for putting this photo on without any help.

Here is my finished reindeer - Donna


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