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Anyone know how to mend those tiny holes in T-shirts ?

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We thought our washing machine was making tiny holes in our clothes so we bought the wash bags to put our clothes in and a man came to fix the washing machine. This was quite a while ago, but I have just noticed a teeny hole in yet another T-shirt - a newish one this time :evil:


They always seem to appear in the same place, usually at the front on your tummy.

The hole looks like where a needle may have caught it but it is nowhere near any stitches.

It's starting to get rather annoying especially on new things.


Does anyone know of anything that can fix the tiny holes that can still go in the wash after ?

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I have those too occasionally. Same place. I do think it's down to wear and tear. It's a spot other things rub along more often. Like a belt or a desk etc.


I think it depends on the fabric. With sturdier fabric you can try the iron on white stuff, on the back. My mom has mended those little holes before by make a few tiny stitches on the back. But it won't be invisible I guess.

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How odd?


If they are appearing in the same place do you think as cat tails says it's a belt or jacket or other outside influence causing the problem?


I have mended the odd hole in OH's t shirts, you can usually catch the unbroken fibres and hold it all together with a couple of stitches. It will cause a bump in the fabric though.

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Well, I used to blame Hubby for having his mobile phone clipped on to his trousers but then my T-shirts also had holes and I don't use a mobile phone that often and have never worn the thing (not really a phone person :oops: )

He does wear a belt but that is only a recent thing - I don't wear a belt.

I thought maybe it was buttons but they are not in a matching position.

DS doesn't wear a belt either and DD has had it in some pyjamas :?


Maybe I will have to do some teeny tiny stitches.

I was hoping there was some kind of glue stuff out there somewhere .....

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One hole was definitely caused by our old rabbit - he did it as I put him on the floor and his nail was stuck in my T-shirt.

I don't have cats to blame.


I'm thinking that they don't make clothes to last anymore or my washing machine is up to its old tricks.


It does only seem to happen to T-shirts and that kind of material.

Why though does it always seem to be on the front and not on the back :evil:

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How about using those embroidered motifs? I've used one of those before on DD's t-shirt - a cute little raccoon. Not such a good idea for a guy though. DS and DD always had holes at the bottom of their t-shirts because of the punk/emo/metal style belts they liked. Mine seems to be down to picking up reluctant chickens. Or in one case on a skirt I dropped a match and it burnt a little hole - I only use that for cleaning or gardening now - you should see the size of it now! :lol: All religious clothes are destined for cleaning and gardening, although I tend to forget and think oh no there goes another good shirt!

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:lol: Well in that case - a big daisy. Like Bizzie Lizzie and Little Mo - where she touched the daisy and it was magic (can't remember much else - it was a Watch With Mother thing - and my brother's age not mine).


Harrrrr found a link - it's yet another scary doll puppet thing!!!



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:lol::lol::lol: That's quite tame compared with my old favourite tv shows - Torchie the Battery Boy (scary beyond belief - yet little me loved it) and then came Sarah and Hoppity - by then I kind of thought what a horrid thing but I still liked it.


To think it was a Gerry Anderson thing - thank goodness Captain Scarlet was a vast improvement! And no, I'm not buying the DVD's . . . now Captain Scarlet maybe!



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