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'Breaking into' private texts

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I was wondering what the view is generally. Someone I know had their phone text messages at the very least read by a 'friend' who was not invited to do so.

The person who did it is completely open and has no qualms about doing it. The phone is password protected and one of the folders opened is hidden away so it wasn't done by accident and the guilty party has no qualms about that anyway. It isn't a partner or anything messy like that, just a nosy person with no idea how to behave.

My view is that it's like looking through private correspondence or a diary, the word private is what is important. It just seems completely immoral to me, I think a phone is such a private place.

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There are private people

And there are people with no concept whatsoever of privacy.


I am the former - very much so

I have friends who would do exactly that - if I left a phone lying around unlocked, they would have a nosey through it. They would nosey through someone's glove compartment in the car, their wardrobe at home etc. They would walk in while you were on the loo if the door wasn't locked. They see absolutely nothing wrong with their way of being (and would be completely fine if you did the same to them)


They think I'm weird because I would very much mind all the above. I think they just don't get boundaries. We have agreed to differ.


In other words, context is all with your friend. It could be something sinister or it could just be someone else's way of being

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My mother was one of the nosiest people ever - would think nothing of opening bank statements, letters marked "private" that were not addressed to her, handwritten letters from boyfriends etc. No wonder I became such a secret squirrel and really good at finding hiding places :lol:


I couldn't choose my mother but we can choose our friends and maybe we should lose the nosey ones from our lives if they really can't control themselves?

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I agree with Merlina's definition, although I can't really understand why people would think it is OK to read private correspondence.


I once offers a bed for the night to a couple, who were friends of a friend and needed somewhere to stay. I sort of knew them. I came downstairs in the morning to find the woman riffling through my dresser drawer, which contains new cheque books and the like; I asked her what she was looking for - thought she might be looking for things to help lay the breakfast table with - her answer was 'nothing, just having a look' :evil::roll: I was gob smacked and made it quite plain that it wasn't on at all. The same would go for someone reading my phone.... I am happy for my OH/Rosie to answer it for me if it rings and I am driving or on the loo, but they wouldn't dream of going through it.

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