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Easter Swap 2017 - please post by 10th April

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Watching with interest, I'm disappointed I couldn't join in this time (although rather relieved that I didn't have to spend the weekend rushing to finish something!). I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've all made and received.

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Luvachicken - my forum doesn't seem to be working properly - I seem to have my parcel.


However I'm trying to send you a PM and it keeps coming up with an error message. Can you pm me an email address I could perhaps use? xx

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So glad you have your parcel :D

I'm guessing you must have sent yours :wink:


I take it you have received my PM but can't send one back ?

Have you tried using the PM under my avatar instead ?

Or hubby says you could try a different browser :? ?


Forgot to say I have sent you another PM :D

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Kazmac, we don't permit personal emails to be published on the forum so Luvachicken can't put hers up here.


Might be worth checking that your Forum inbox isn't full - you might need to delete some old messages?

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Happy Easter everyone !!


Apologies to my Easter bunny, but I'm not sure what to call my present :oops:

I think it is a postcard holder/ art holder.

It is extremely pretty and in all my favourite colours. It has tiny patchwork and dainty stitches and has been very cleverly sewn together to make a folding wallet.

Inside were some hand painted postcards - a daffodil and a great tit - there is no way I'm sending the great tit to anyone though, it is way too special for that :D and the daffodil one too, has been sent to me.

There were 2 blank postcards and some feathers, jewels and ric rac for me to decorate them with ....... and a packet of Golden Eggs :D

I guess I have to share those with my DD :wink:


Thank you so much Easter bunny .... photos to come later xxxxx

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Wow yes I do.like tea!


I've received the most gorgeous amigurami chicken with tea pouch holders around the base and a chick on it's back holding a spoon. Also a lovely mug saying seriously really you're amazing and lots of little chocolate eggs in pretty colours that taste heavenly.

The tea is all kinds of herbal and fruit, most I've not heard of before. Anyone for a cuppa :D


Thank you so much my very secret swapper you're amazing, your work is so skilled. Ill post photos later when i can get to my laptop. Meanwhile I'm sucking eggs admiring the chicken :D

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Thank you to my secret Easter bunny.


I recieved some lovely bunting which I will hang on my cube when I get to France, a crochet basket holding a chocolate egg and a chocolate chicken lolly.


Thank you so very much and I will post a photo as soon as photo bucket decides to play nice

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