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Do you think I have room for 2 more - seriously

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I have a 3 X 2 m Omlet WIR attached to 2m Cube run (and Cube). I have 2 Wyandotte bantams, 2 Pekins and 2 Araucana bantams.


Normally they free range when I'm not at work.


I have the chance to have a beautiful gold Campine and a tiny Belgian bantam. They're at a house my Dads buying and the vendors can't take the chickens (there are about 15 there but mostly big chickens).


Do you think I've got space for these 2 or what that be pushing it?

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Aw Mullethunter as this was in nestbox I thought you meant patter of tiny feet....or fostering. Shows my mindset doesn't it :lol:


:lol: Sorry Grandmashazzie - I'm afraid I'm one of the strange breed of women who's never wanted to have children - not sure why - chickens are fine for me :D


When are you getting them ?


Luvachicken why do you assume it's a done deal?! :whistle:


I'm lucky hat I do still have my Eglu Go with 3m run so hey could go in there to quarantine. I think if they are to be sold I probably will have them - not sure when it'll be but probably quite soon.


PS I meant Dutch bantam not Belgian. I have photo's - bear with me...

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Hmmm. Been reading about Campines and beautiful as she is I'm not sure it's a wise idea. I've read that they really need to be free ranging (so I'm worried they won't be out enough for her to be happy - where she is now they have an area about half he size of my whole garden which they are out in all the time a yes even now :roll: ), they're VERY good at flying (having said that they're only surrounded by a head high fence now and she didn't look about to escape), that they can be very noisy, and that they can be very bolshy (I'd be gutted if I got her and they she was mean to my pekins). The Dutch bantam would be a no brainer but I wouldn't want to try to add a single hen to my flock of 6.


So I think I'm actually on the side of not getting them now.


Has anyone had a Campine?

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I'm afraid in a rare moment of sensibleness I've decided not to have them. :(


I was outside on Saturday morning when 3 of my 6 wanted to lay at the same time, and the racket was unbelievable! I also don't want to upset the pecking order again so have decided to stick with my gang. I don't think I'll get any more until I start to lose any of these, and then I think I'd like to give hatching a go.


I am sad, but also think I've made the right decision. And I've heard that the whole flock have found a home to go to together :D

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Well a happy ending really for all birdies. I'm running ours down - well I only have one young girl and two geriatrics - it will be best so that we can sort the garden out before we move. That leaves a problem if I have one or two left - but I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

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