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Cathy I love going on cruise holidays, I think that half the fun is the dressing up in the evening and seeing all the holiday makers transformed in their smart clothes! What cruise line are they on? That can make a difference to the dress code.

Most lines have a casual dress code during the day, normal "holiday wear" for the temperature. What they'd normally wear on a hot UK summers day would be fine. After 6pm the ship adheres to the evening dress code which can be formal (suit & tie for your dad, dressy dress or smart trousers & sparkly top for your mum) or smart casual which I like to think of as what you'd wear to go out to a nice restaurant. If your parents don't want to dress up at all one night then they can use the buffet or room service & wear their day time clothes.

Med cruises tend to be a bit more casual just because of the heat.

I have bought my formal dresses very cheaply from eBay, they can be sold on afterwards if your mum doesn't want to keep them. Lots of my other clothes come from charity shops .Depending on the cruise line there should be a self-service laundry room which are free to use, sometimes you have to buy powder, sometimes you can take your own. This can cut down on the amount of clothes needed to be packed, and also the suitcase weight if they are flying to the port. This information will be on the cruise line's website, as is more information on the dress code. it's really nothing to worry about.

My favourite cruise so far was on a Cunard ship, it was so elegant & not at all s"Ooops, word censored!"by, just classy.

I hope that they have a wonderful time & that they catch the cruising bug!

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Another cruise fan here. All lines are different and depends on clientele. Last year we did an Anerican med one via Carnival vista and on formal night there were men with cargo shorts. Some can be very dressy with dinner jackets,cocktail dresses on formal nights, but as said if that's not your style you can eat at the self service restaurants. One tip is to read reviews of that Ships excursions. I have done several cruises and handed over my hard earned money for the ships excursions only to discover lots of private companies will meet your ship with an English speaking driver for much less. We did this for Italy and had our driver take us to Pisa and then Florence,we had his mobile number and could go back when suited us rather than the time the bus left. Your mum will have a lovely time there is so much going on and the food is amazing.

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