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Eye problem - please help

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Hi all,


So a week and a bit ago we bought two adorable little 4 week old serama chicks. They're living indoors at the moment, in a rabbit cage with heat. They're very perky, very active, eat loads and poo loads. I have been changing their litter once every 3 days or so. When I changed it on Friday I had run out of the wood shavings I'd been using, so I popped to Tesco and bought a pack of their "Everyday Value Softwood Shavings". It mentioned nothing of fragrance, or scent, or anything. When I used it I did think it smelt a bit like vicks vaporub, but (stupidly) didn't think any more of it.


Then a day or two later on Sunday, we noticed that one of the girls eyes looked a little droopy (like the lower eyelid had fell?) and also there was a small amount of mucusy bubbles in there. She seemed absolutely fine in herself, and had no other symptoms, and it was just in the one eye. I washed the eye with sterile water and, after some research about the scented shavings, quickly changed the litter to Easichick. Yesterday it looked very much the same, but again she seemed fine in herself. I washed it with sterile water once more. I then noticed that the other chick has one eye which just looks a little sore, no droopiness, no bubbles, it just looks sore. But again, she is completely fine. This morning the droopy eye chick still looks about the same, and she still seems absolutely fine and the sore eye chick looks a bit better I think. No streaming nostrils as far as I can tell.


So I'm really confused, and worried. I can't see how they could have caught any actual disease as they were a picture of health at the breeder's place and she had them kept undercover, with just their siblings. Then at our house they have only been exposed to each other. To me it seems likely that the scent and oil or whatever in the shavings has irritated their little bodies. Do you think that sounds like the case? If so, will they get better now that I've changed the bedding and removed the irritant? Do they just need a bit of TLC?


Many thanks for any help, I am very worried!

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Try not to worry.


It could just be a reaction to the bedding or could be something else like mycoplasma which I know causes bubbles in the eyes (mine have had it). It is easily treated with antibiotics from the vets.


I hope they are OK.


Let us know how they get on.

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