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Princess Leia

Stupid, stupid, stupid :-(

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Lost one of our two girls, Tikka, last night.


Long story short, we adopted another greyhound about 2 weeks ago, having met him on the RGT stand at Crufts. He settled in brilliantly - we had been very careful about introductions to the girls plus had been advised that he had been "cat tested". Our older grey is fine with the girls (all the family dogs are) as we've had him for 7 years so maybe that made us complacent. Girls were out for a free-range hour yesterday evening, and were on the point of going in on their own as they always do. Let the dogs out for a few moments, heard a bit of a commotion and shot out to find Tikka lying the the lawn in a mess of feathers and Fidget making a fuss from other end of the garden. New dog, Toby, was nearby looking confused. Don't know precisely what happened in between. No apparent injuries on Tikka but bought her in and she died in our arms about 10 minutes later - probably of shock.


I can't believe we allowed that to happen to poor little Tikka :cry:

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That's very sad and not your fault. We nearly had the same last month when we took on a rescue dog. We were assured she was definitely cat and chicken friendly. First day a chicken jumped off an outside chair (sunbathing) and she went for her. Fortunately I caught the dog in mid-air. Next day the neighbour's cat appeared and she went for it in a complete frenzy. So now we can't trust her either with our chickens, even though she now ignores them, or any cat.

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