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Best time to buy? Lots of questions..

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Good morning


It's my husbands 40th birthday this year. He has said for years he would like a bee haus but has been put off one because of the size of the garden and worried outlet girls might interfere with them.


As it's his big birthday this year (September) I have thought about getting him one, he is very serious in all the stuff he does so I know he will do everything by the book.

We currently live in a semi detached house with an "ok" size garden but we are in the process of looking at other properties with a minimum of 2 acres of land.

So I'm not sure which way around to approach this as I want it to be a surprise but I want to be sensible about it all.

When would be the best time to buy and set up and then how easy would be it be to move it once it's set up?


My thoughts are to buy one and set it up here and the move it when we move or buy one and leave the setting up until we move.. this could be a while as we have only started looking last few weeks.


Sorry for the long post



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No experience with bees at all, although there are a few folk around here who do.


Might be worth it to contact a local beekeeper/beekeeper society. Some will come by your garden for advice, and will tell you if your garden is big enough or not. My dad did this a few years ago. Sadly his garden wasn't suitable according to the beekeeper.

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I hate to say this but you are going about it the wrong way, even with the best intentions.

Get him a membership of a local beekeeping association and a course of beekeeping beginners' lessons.

That way he gets his hands on somebody else's bees first and hopefully a mentor to help him through his first year and beyond.

Then buy your kit and bees.


You can keep bees in the smallest of gardens if you manage how they exit the hive to minimise annoying your neighbours. Bees sometimes get unruly so you have to have a back up site to move them if you need to.


I hope you both enjoy the journey. It is addictive and fascinating......oh and no more holidays away from the bees for more than a few days from March to September ;)

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