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Grammar vigilante

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There was one artist in France who painted over all sort of graffiti and repainting it on top, but then actually legible. Found that very amusing too!


(I always reread all my posts... too afraid I make a stupid mistake... which I know I still make)

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My sons in Bristol but his grammar is pants so I know it wasnt him. He could do with going round with this guy - might learn something :lol:


So could I, my grammar is shocking. I just don't get it, apostrophes or commas. Usually have to ask my 12 year old where they go. In my last essay at uni, the tutors comment was something like- I am so frustrated by your use of English and punctuation, you would be in the next mark bracket but for this! I did laugh because I know it's true but don't know how to change it. In my defence I'm very good at maths if anyone needs a hand :lol: .

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