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Meet my cats

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As you may or may not know our cat Sausage passed away four years ago. Sausage was half Ragdoll and so when our old cat started missing Sausage we put our names down for two kittens with a lovely breeder. One thing led to another and we ended up also adopting two adult cats and later on a lovely boy with only one eye.

Meet the family with their dodgy names...


Teddie Honey Bear who does on my husband









Sugar Pie Honey Plumsy (Plumsy for short)



Rhubarb Crumble



We also have our old cat who refuses to have her photo taken. Should I ever manage to catch her I will post a pic of her too. She's a very lovely tortie and so different to the Raggie.

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Lovely cats! All the fluff!


I technically only have one cat, a pound moggy, also a tortoise. And practically I also have a big orange tom. :roll:

I love loads of breeds and secretly want to have a silver Brittish short hair... but so far always went for a pound cat.

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Gorgeous cats Janty! A colleague has a Ragdoll cat about 9 months old - we get regular photos updates, and Ralph is quite the celebrity. They sound like that breed has a lovely temperament.


I can't believe how big Kop Boy is now :shock::shock::shock: I remember him as a small boy who loved cufflinks!


We are down to one cat - Biscuit who is a cream tabby

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Six cats! :shock: (I'm just envious- can't afford the vets bills, my 16 year old moggy is costing as much as my Council Tax every month!). They are all gorgeous, I love ragdolls.


One got out and was hit by a car. After vets bills of nearly £2000 we quickly go them insured. Animal Friends Insurance was so much more reasonable than petplan.

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