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Three out of four chickens.. . (And now a photo!)

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... when surveyed... hahaha :lol:


No seriously though, bit of a breakthrough here tonight! Ive been "running" bestime like an army sargeant in the coop, caredullt marshling chickens so that the newbies go to bed first (and theyve had freedom to do so wothout getting hen pecked etc)and the oldies have no choice but to quietly join them when I allow it. This was because the big girls were being very over-possessive about the Eglu. Its worked really well.


Tonight however I have, ahem, had that Friday feeling and might have got rather sidetracked in front of Gardeners World with a glass (ok, two!) of something chilled and sparkling. So I was a few minutes late out on chicken marshalling duty.


And I found baby Nova has for the first time managed to get accepted into the coop at bedtime all by herself. 3 out of 4 chickens have put themselves to bed with no fuss :dance:


Nancy was in the cat basket so I had to post her in through the egg port, but hey ho... we'll pretend we didn't see that... :whistle:

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Ok first attempt at a photo for a few years after a 5 day battle with photobucket... the Amber (called Nancy) and Nero (called Nova) are our newbies and one of the two oldies, Wilma, is also in the foreground, she's the brown one. Pic showing the redesign we completed on the WIR last weekend. Hope this works and I'm rely sorry if it comes out the wrong size and too big. Its taken all my patience just to get logged in and get the picture uploaded!


2nd attempt... think I've managed to make it smaller:



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That looks lovely! Do you have just the four girls? Is that a 3x2m WIR?


Without measuring it I now have no idea what size it is off the top of my head. If wash panel is 1, then yes it would be 3x2.


Yes just the four here and currently banned by the OH from spending any more money on chicken stuff. If I could extend the accommodation (I would need a cube too as only have the classic at the moment, def no room for more than 4 in there) I'd get more... to be honest it's probably for the best that Omlet stuff is expensive :lol:

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