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Introducing new puppy to big dogs? Updated with pics!

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After much (im)patient waiting, we are choosing and bringing home little one on Sunday :dance:. We get a choice between two little girls and I've told my dad he has to do the choosing, as we're bound to pick different ones :roll:. I have chosen her name, which will be Orza. According to legend, Queen Asa (pronounced Orza in Norwegian) was buried in the Oseberg ship and my parents kennel name was Oseberg . Allegedly Asa killed a few people along the way to being queen, but we won't be encouraging that sort of behaviour :shameonu:


The question is how to introduce her to our current two - Halle and Herbie, litter brother and sister, aged 7 1/2? Do we just put her on the floor and hope they like her, or is there a tried and tested technique I should know about? Halle and Herbie have very little contact with other dogs and I'm not sure they've ever met a puppy.


I'm expected Herbie to do the grumpy old man, and growl and grumble before he accepts her. Once he accepts her, he will be very protective, as he is with all his family. Halle, I have no idea about. She could see Orza as playmate and BFF, or she could be very jealous and totally hate her. It'll be one way or the other, as Halle doesn't do things by halves.


Any and all advice on smoothing the way much appreciated :D

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Oh lucky you,can't wait for pics. I was told to do intros in neutral place,ie not invade existing dogs territory. With pups not yet vaccinated it can't be a park so next best is your garden and supervise. When I got little lab pup I think my retriever thought he was hers and was very motherly. Hope all goes well.

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When we got our puppies I took one of our old jumpers with us that the dogs had been on so it had their smell on it. I then let the puppy on this during the journey home so she smelt a bit of our house, us and our dogs before we introduced them. We did it in the house and just supervised closely and limited the time.


What puppy are you getting? Sorry not been on here very much recently so I have probably missed earlier posts.


Good luck.



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Thank you everyone. Not posted about it before and getting excited now :D.


She's a Norwegian Elkhound, like the other two. They are very much a pack dog and best not kept on their own. Also very people-oriented family dogs, they tend to have one person that is "theirs". Strong tendency to independent thinking and the ability to give you the "face" that clearly says "yeah - you and whose army?" :evil:. They are very cute and cuddly though :D


We've plenty of dog blankets she can sit on in the car coming home, that can start attaching their scent to her and it won't matter if she has accidents on.


Not sure this breeder does anything automatically. Even getting standard info such as what puppy food Orza's been eating, has been like getting blood out of a stone :shock:. When we bred puppies (many years ago) they went to their new families with a large carrier bag full of food, blankets, any favourite toys and an envelope with all the paperwork, factsheets, contact numbers ... We'll get her paperwork, but I doubt we'll be coming home with much else.


Not long till Sunday ...

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An Adaptil in the house ahead of bringing the new pup home is a good idea. My advise would be not to keep stepping in when the dogs are figuring things out. Of course do something if it gets fraught and dangerous but a growl is fine. Owners all too often tell dogs off for growling - it is a warning, if you stop the growl the pup won't learn when it oversteps the mark. Older dogs are great at teaching younger dogs and puppies the rope and rules. Also, the older dog is more likely to get resentful of the puppy. Often owners try to stop younger dogs dominating existing dogs as they grow as they feel guilty for the older dog having its position changed. Again, let things work themselves out. If the younger dog is going to be more dominant, so be it.

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Got home yesterday - not a sound in the house. Went through to the back window and there was one dad, fast asleep in a chair on the patio, there were two big dogs stretched out comatose on the patio - and one small puppy looking back at me, wagging her tail and jumping up and down. Three adults down and one to go :lol:


Apparently Halle gave Asa a good smack with her paw yesterday, and Herbie had growled and snapped at her - after she had been biting their tails, swinging on their ears and generally being a monster :shameonu:. She definitely needs to be taught some social skills.


Having said that, THEY were the ones cowering under the table later, whilst the tiny terror was bouncing around going "rat, rat, rat" at them. I finally took the rat-rat away and fed her, to give them some peace :shh:


Perhaps naming her after a homicidal tyrant wasn't such a good idea after all :roll:

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