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Bird flu May 2017*updated June 2017

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I think the high winds We've had this last 6 weeks or so has kept some of the migrating birds here and probably blown some in as well. We've got a small flock of racing pigeons hanging around here that turned up about 3 weeks ago. 3 or 4 big gulls turned up mid week both after gale force winds. I've also notices that We have a lot more small birds nesting around here this year already have one batch of sparrow fledglings flying about which I think is down to it been so windy here the adults have had to nest here

I had a look at the map the other day this new case of AV isn't that far from the earlier one in that area this one is a bit closer to the coast

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And a second one today:



Don't like this at all. Are we in danger of having the restrictions reimposed?

that's in the same area as the one Friday so was probably found as part of the DEFRA investigations into that outbreak it's a bit concerning that there's been 3 in the same area but it's not time to hit the panic button just yet.

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AI just announced in Diss, Norfolk :roll:


Now the summer's with us, can I suggest that everyone uses the good weather to make sure that their poultry has a covered and watertight run of sufficient size to house their birds for what could be most of the winter. I hate to sound grumpy, and know that most of us are compliant, but I still hear of folks with no run whatsoever and no intention of obeying the DEFRA edicts to keep their stock under cover :roll:

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