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Biggest Egg Yet!

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My partner came in the other day said "I think we have a double-yolker!", which our Bluebelle often lays.


I went out to check and thought to myself "Hmmm, that looks a lot bigger than usual... I wonder."


I popped it on the scale to discover it's the biggest egg she ever laid; given the size, I suspect she didn't enjoy the experience that much! :lol:



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Fingers crossed for a triple Yolker. Boxing Day 2015 one of mine laid a 125g egg but alas only a single yolk, I was so disappointed :(


125g? Blimey!


I'd say that's the record to beat, but I'm not sure I wish that on my poor girl! :lol:

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Is a bluebelle a hybrid along the same lines as our Oxford blue? She has always given us fairly frequent double yolkers so maybe there is some truth in the idea that they are prone to it?


Yes, it's a hybrid hen. A cross between Marans and Rhode Islands, I believe.

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We had a really large egg today, I suspect it's another double yolker from our blue bell too!




I've read in a few places now that (allegedly) Bluebelles can be prone to laying double-yolkers.



When my Bluebelle was young she used to lay double yolkers :)

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