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doggie DNA

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Well, I had Finley DNA test, just for a bit of fun. We have always been told he is Scottie/poodle (not designer, more mistake). the folks at the hydrotherapy centre we go to always love having a guess as to what he really could be, as he is a fairly strange shape :shock: My groomer says scottie legs, very short and turny out feet and poodle claws. Poodley fur as he doesn't moult. He has a very broad chest, long back and a huge jaw!












I was expecting 4 or 5 breeds to come back, but he came back with only 2!!




We were alittle shocked. Apparently Bichons are made from water spaniels and standard poodles!



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18 hours ago, quickcluck said:

They send you some swabs and you swab the inside of their mouth. Then send it off. Takes about 2 weeks!

Thank you for the information, I also need to check the breed of my dog because my friend who gave me this dog is a mixture of pitbull and Labrador but all I can see is she is a pure Labrador. By the way, I saw this dog DNA Test Kit, it is the same with your explanation that I need to swab my dog's cheek then I have to send it to them and will receive the results in two weeks. What do you think about this product?

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I think it’s a question of reliability.  So not sure.  It is interesting though.  I’ve just come back from France and Spain.  There only pedigree staffies are allowed on many campsites.  And you have to,show the pedigree.  Those of ‘mixed’ blood are banned.  Maybe they would accept DNA results future.  

Interesting about the Golden Shepherd.  We have an 18 month female German Shepherd and are wondering about speying.  However, when we discussed it with the vet, he said she was such a nice example with a lovely nature if she was his, he’d have a litter with her.  The sale contract for her forbids any progeny from being KC registered so might put off those looking for German shepherds.  I suspect we’ll have her speyed but Golden Shepherd sounds appealing somehow! 

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