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Guinea-pigs and rabbits together ?

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A friend of mine wants to get a rabbit and a guinea-pig and put them together.

I was always told that rabbits aren't all that friendly to guinea-pigs, especially overnight.


I just wandered what any of you think ?

Would she be better getting 2 guinea-pigs, 2 rabbits or one of each ?


Thanks for any thoughts :D

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Rabbits and guinea pigs should not be kept together ever. For a start they have different feeding requirements. Rabbits can, as Princess Leia says, kick, they also jump and can land and hurt guinea pigs,


If you google it you will find lots of advice about whey they should not be kept together. Whichever she has she should have two, and personally I love guinea pigs far far easier to keep than rabbits

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Way back we initially got a male Dutch rabbit and a female small guinea pig. The guinea pig was a total bully. She would chase the rabbit out of the nest section, then chase him back in when she was feeling cold. She ate the squeak out of his favourite toy. We had to get her another guinea pig to interact with, and then finally a third guinea pig so that only one was bullied at a time. The rabbit was a bouncy self assured lad. Just henpecked.

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