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Hi guys,


I have my 6 girls in a cube attached to a shed and a good siz outdoor space. Every morning, one or two of them are making a real racket and I'm worried it'll be getting on the neighbours nerves. It's getting on mine!


In winter, I lock them in the cube to sleep but now it's light before I even wake up, I've been leaving them to it. They all chose to sleep on a mezzanine level in the shed which is also open to their outside space.


Do you think I should be putting them in the cube every night still or is there something else I could do? I dont want to get a complaint and lose them.

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The noise in the morning is the reason I lock mine in every night and sleep with the window open. I pretty much wake up with the first squawks, go out to let them out and feed them and then go back to bed (in weekends).

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Over the last few days I think ours have been squawking quite loudly around 6am or so - but fortunately we get a lot of seagulls in our area, and they're noisier.


It has literally only been the last few days that they've been doing it, so I'm hoping they'll shut up in the next few mornings too.

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