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Very Loud clucking from a POL BLuebell

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Hi All

i have just got 3 POL hybrids (5 days ago) to replace 3 old hybrids due to old age.

One of my new girls is a hybrid BLuebell (Bluebelle) & she has a very loud call/yell.


it happens before & after she lays a small egg for about 15 mins either side ( hoping they will get bigger with her getting older fingers crossed) & now it has started 1st thing in the morning..

is it because the pecking order hasn't fully been sorted out with the other hens ?

im just wondering if i need to start to think about rehoming her already if she is not likely to calm/ quieten down.

i don't really want to get rid of her but i'm concerned the neighbours might start complaining about the noise.


they do have a good sized run with bushes, trees, places to hide, scratch around with many water & feed stations. & two places to lay eggs.

any ideas please guys.

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When my Maran Cuivre came into lay I couldn't believe the sound she could make. It really rang around the neighbourhood and I worried someone would complain. We hoped she would settle down but she never has. Just like yours she starts the loud clucking some time before she's gone into lay an egg, during and a bit afterwards. And you can hear her from deep within the house so I can only imagine what it's like for neighbours who leave their bedroom windows open. I always feel a bit panicky and guilty when I'm at home to hear it as I'm reminded just how loud she is. Some days she's not very vocal for very long at all and sometimes it can be quite a while. I suspect that your girl will remain a loud one...

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Another thing to consider, is there are normally plenty of other noisy sounds in the everyday environment. I used to worry about my bluebell, then found out the next door neighbour didn't mind the noise and actually quite welcomed it. Also, the noisy dogs and kids locally....which never bothered me, and was noisier than my chickens....so all in all, never had any complaints....and always ready to give someone eggs as a peace offering if necessary but it never has been required. I think I was more stressed about the noise my lot were making than anyone else.....even on a Sunday morning first thing!!!

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Hi guys

thank you for all your messages, i think things are sorting themselves out within the flock, but then i haven't been home during the day.. just hoping the weekend is a little quieter than last week. yes i have young children & dogs all around so i should be ok. & the neighbors have been ok for the past 5 years with all the other hens i have had..

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My Oxford Blue, which we established is basically the same hybrid as a Bluebell, is very noisy. She's got worse as she's got older too; now that egg laying is no longer a daily occurrence, she feels the need to sing about it for about half an hour eihtmmther side of laying it!

She also gets spooked at the slightest thing so we have a lot of early morning alarm calls from her.

Our garden is bordered by 5 other gardens due to its shape, but we've talked to 4 of those neighbours and they've all said they either don't notice or they like/welcome the chicken noises. Less worried about the 5th as there are tall hedges which will stop the sound from travelling hehe :lol:

There's lots of noise from wild birds, dogs, foxes and children on a regular basis, so I've decided not to worry about it anymore.

I don't understand why she always manages to get going super-early on a Sunday though: how does she know it's Sunday?! :roll::lol:

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