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I haven't compared the Mk1 and the Mk2 side by side and neither have I bothered to look up the dimensions, so it may well be the case that the Mk2 is smaller and I hadn't noticed. We only have 4 birds at the moment (haha... 'at the moment'...) and they look almost lost and lonely roosting in the Mk1 there is so much spare space in it. You could easily and comfortably sleep another 4 in there and I reckon if you only had medium sized birds it would sleep 10. As Dogmother says the real issue for most people is the run size as the minimum requirement per bird isn't made clear. Not a problem for us as I've always gone for providing the biggest space I can afford so we have a WIR attached too, but I can well imagine that people get caught out and end up with overcrowded and unhappy birds.


A little update on fixing up our battered Mk1 then: a well placed screw (with a rounded head) on the inside of the egg port door where the plastic bump used to be has worked wonders to fix that door catch. It's now tight as anything and can't be opened by accident.

For the poop trays, for now OH has managed to straighten out and tighten the existing metal catches and they seem to be holding, but I'm tempted to continue trying to come up with an ultra secure solution anyway just because I am acutely aware of the fact that we share our outdoor space with several hungry foxes.


The main issue with the cube that I've found so far is that it lets way too much light inside , so even though they're shut in, they'll start squarking and singing from inside the cube from about 6am. Its the green model but quite faded and doesn't seem to block light well, and the open ventilation strips are enormous and let loads of light in too. By contrast, our classic was the purple one and was very dark in there if the door was shut. So we're back to noisy mornings and I'm wondering about making a cover for it to make it darker...

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It's probably not not to cover any ventilation gaps so that the ammonia can escape. Mine aren't locked in the housing at night as the runs are on slabs under the litter. I am pretty convinced that the set-up is fox proof. Whilst i wouldn't recommend it to anyone else, my birds are able to go out in the run to feed when they wake up; they aren't noisy.

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Well mine didn't get the memo about being quiet in the mornings. When I leave the cube open and they get up when they want, we have sustained alarm calling from them all from about 5.15am onwards and they don't stop. They will stop when you go down to them but when you go back indoors after a few mins they start up again. In the earlier summer it was even earlier.


I am reasonably confident of the fox proofing on my WIR though the one weakness is that it sits on earth not concrete, so if they were going to be quiet I'd be happy leaving the Cube open. It's what I used to do in the old house. Our bedroom was at the front and we never heard them (though we did have complaints from a near neighbour on a few occasions, I couldn't understand at the time but if they were doing that, then I get it now!!)


So I tried it again Sat night just to double check and yup, a racket from 5.15am.

My best guess is that before there are people about, the fox is around. Once they've got upset by the fox they will swear at anything, including but not limited to next door's cat and the wood pigeons who live in the tree by their WIR.


If they're inside the cube at least they aren't making the alarm calls. What I can usually hear then is just egg songs and a bit of mild squabbling, at much lower decibel level. We've settled on 6.30am at the moment for let out time. This seems to be the sweet spot which stops them getting too upset in the cube but means they're quiet when they are let out.


Of course, when we're on holiday it has to be open as the neighbour only goes in once a day...


I am certain I can fashion a cover that doesn't prevent ventilation. I will report back if/when I manage it.


ETA: ooh or I could invent an automatic door opener for it! Hmm... gets thinking cap on... :think:

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So instead of selling my Go (yeah yeah that's what I told my hubbie I was doing...) I bought some more girls!


So now I have 6 hybrids in the Cube and 2 modern game bantams in the Go. The bantams have up until now had a separate run within the WIR so they are self contained. For the last week they've all been free ranging together within the electric fence area. So far so good except for the last 2 nights one of the bantams has decided to cuddle up in the Cube with the big girls whilst two of my big hens have got into the Go with the other bantam. Any idea what I should do? Thus far I have moved them all back in the right place manually. If they can all just live together can I just have them in the Cube and lose the Go?


Thanks in advance.



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Oh and clever hubbie has made an automatic opener for the Cube which I can activate from my iPhone either at a time to suit me or I can set it automatically to open and close at particular times. The prototype was fitted tonight, I'll let you know if it works tomorrow morning.


"Alexa let the chickens out" is no longer a pipe dream.....!

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