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We had to cull our (non Vorwerk) cockerel a few days ago/ This was thew first year in many years that we didn't hatch chicks, so we had no boys available as a replacement. Instead I've collected a Vorwerk cockerel from a local lady who hatched some Vorwerk eggs recently.


He is 9 weeks old.I'm keeping him at home in my garden so we can get him used to us, and to give him time to grow before we put him in with our allotment girls. I've only had him 2 days - ee put him in our spare Go, in sight of our garden girls. I realised he might get a bit lonely over the next few weeks, so last night I collected two similarly aged 'legcana' females to keep him company, and so there will be 3 of them to introduce to the allotment crowd when the time comes.


I'm looking at him today and I realised he doesn't actually look like a boy. When we've hatched (non Vorwerk) boys before, there comes a point where the boys have a bit more of an upright stance than the girls. I've got a horrible feeling "he" is a "she".


Does anyone have any pics of Vorwerks of either sex at about this age (9 weeks) so I can compare, please?

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I have never had a vorwerk (or a forward as the iPad has autocorrected it to), so I can't help with your photo I'm afraid. However, remember it's not always clear at that age what sex a bird is, they develop at different rates. I once sold a cockeral which the new owner insisted was a girl, though it never laid an egg. He was about 12 months old before I got another phone call saying he was a boy! You might still be lucky. If it is a hen, then I should think you won't have too much trouble sourcing a boy. In fact, I might be tempted to get an older lad so he can go straight in with the hens after quarantine and be accepted as a cockeral, not an annoying young bird!

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Sorry I can't help - just struck me that this is the first time I've ever seen anyone hoping for a cockerel!

I too thought this was the wrong way round. Unusual for someone to want a cocktail. From when I hatched a few years ago you do seem to get a feeling for if they are boys. I hope he is a he. :D



Think wanting cocktails isn't that unusual... :lol:

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