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Hello all, cleaning out the poop tray this morning I noticed two 'spaghetti' poos, thin white strings which I guess are worms?


I bought some Flubenvet which I've added to their layers pellets and I've completely cleaned the run and put some Stalozan Z powder down. My cleaning routine is to empty the poo trays every day, poo pick the run twice a week, and hose out the house plus poultry shield and sprinkle of mite powder weekly.


Is there anything else I need to do?


Thanks very much.

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When did you last worm them before this dose? Seems that you have a bad worm load there, which is odd if you worm regularly. :think:


As Mars has said, worm once for 7 days, feeding them nothing else but the medicated pellets, and keeping the flock in the run as much as possible. leave 3 weeks, then repeat. Ideally, you should use Stalosan or Ground Sanitising Powder weekly, raked through the litter in the run, and worm at least 3 times per year, or preferably ever quarter. Sounds like you have a good husbandry regime though, so well done for noticing it.

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Thanks for the replies, I bought 4 of the girls in May as POL and then another four recently, two POL and two 12 week old bantams. I was told they were wormed (no reason to doubt this as I bought them from a reputable poultry farm). No more wormy poos since then so I'm hoping it's done the trick.


I use the stalozan in the run every 1-2 weeks.


Thanks again

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