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Double Glazing woes

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Can I pick your collective brains regarding the following?


We have decided to replace our old and rotting wooden framed double glazing with new, shiny UPVC stuff. I've had 3 quotes from local firms, including a chap who I've used before to replace a side door last year and who came highly recommended. He did a great job on the door so I was keen to use him again.


His quote was the most competitive so we accepted it and paid the deposit. He said he needed to come round to do final measurements, check on all the details etc, and then he would order the windows from his supplier. We even pencilled in a tentative installation date.


So he came, but said his mate who would help him was stuck somewhere so he re-booked for the following week - and he and his mate duly arrived at the appointed hour - only for him to depart almost immediately because his wife had called to say she'd gone into labour.


So I said, fine, just go and call me when the baby has been born. He emailed a few days later saying it had been a difficult delivery and that mum and baby were still in hospital so he'd reschedule when they were home and were settled. A week went by, and I heard nothing so last Tuesday I emailed again and asked was everything ok and when could the work be done because I wanted it all done before the weather turns. He emailed back to say all was fine, he would come this week to do the measurements and he'd let me know what day when he had heard from his mate as to availability.


So now it's Tuesday again, and still nothing. :wall:


At what stage do I go all Rogue Traders on him? I like him, he does a good job and I am still keen for him to do the work, but this is getting more than a tad ridiculous. It's been going on for nearly a month now, we paid the deposit on 4th August.


As I've accepted the quote and paid the deposit, can I ask for it back? He's done no work so where do I stand?


Any advice would be gratefully appreciated


Thanks :)

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Before you go calling anyone in, yes of course you can ask for your deposit back. Try to speak to him an without getting angry just say, look, this is what's happened, thankyou for your quote but I wouldn't feel confident in any timescales you'd give me now so I'd rather go with someone else. If they react negatively and refuse to refund your deposit, then get someone else involved.


Good luck.

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I wonder if there are any problems with wife and new baby and he is reluctant to say so as he doesn't want to lose business?


I'd try ringing/e mailing him and saying that you appreciate that he has a new baby on his hands (he must have known that was imminent when he agreed the work though???) but that you'd like things done by...give a certain date; maybe end of September?... and, if he is going to be unable to meet that deadline, then you will have to ask for the deposit back so that you can get someone else in to do the work by the start of the colder, wetter weather.

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The power of the Omlet forum is not to be trifled with!


My window man must have felt a disturbance in the Force because he's emailed me today to apologise for the delay and that he will be here on Friday or Monday to do the measurements! :D


My hubby did say last night to "give the poor bloke chance to get used to being a dad" - and the baby did arrive a couple of weeks early so I think it threw him a bit.


So thanks to all of you for your help and advice, and I will keep you posted as to how things turn out :D

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There's nothing like an early arrival to throw everything out of kilter - I speak from experience as ES was 6 weeks early and YS 11 weeks! A shock to the system, as well, if its a first baby so he'll probably be glad to get back to work for a rest; I know OH was :doh:


Fingers crossed for Friday or Monday!

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So Friday came and went, and Monday came and went and not a word.


Today I get an email, full of apologies yet again saying he will get to me "when he can" but installation is not not likely to be until mid-October :wall:


Initially we had this week pencilled in for installation and then I was in the faint hope it would be done before the end of September.


So I've emailed and said it had better be mid-October and that I don't want the date slipping any further.


If he lets me down again I am doing to ask him to return the deposit and we'll get someone else in, although that will delay things even more :evil:


On the plus side, I have finally managed to get someone to replace the garden fence which was damaged in the bad storm back in February and has been held up by rope and prayers ever since. I'm getting a nice, new, concrete posted affair on 25th September. :D Which will make the garden more secure again and means I won't be crossing my fingers every time the wind blows. :roll:

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We were in the double glazing business for 30 odd years in the UK, until last year when we sold up & moved to France.

We would NEVER give a date, even a rough one, until the final measuring had been done, because units can take a few weeks to make. 6 weeks in some cases, & if they are busy.

But then again we didn't take a deposit at all, unless if was for an especially large job, & then we took it at measure-up time.


Did you get other quotes?

Maybe a gentle mutter about having your deposit returned due to breach of contract (I take it you have a contract?) might speed things along a bit???

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I stand corrected! I just remember the FENSA from when we had our windows installed.

no need a lot of folk probably think it's a trade organisation. I found it a pain in the neck to work to especially if the inspector had no or limited fitting experience and only went by the book luckerly I only got inspected once a couple of the other guys got done 2 or 3 times. I was lucky nearly all my jobs back them were schools so classed as commercial work so even through they had to have FENSA tickets they weren't covered by FENSA

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He's been in touch again, and is allegedly coming in the morning to do the measuring.


We've used him before and he did a great job and he had been recommended to us by a colleague who used him previously so we thought we were on safe ground! And yes, his wife has definitely had a baby - the same colleague knows him socially and is on his Facebook (I don't do social media) so that bit is genuine.


I think the baby's early arrival caught him on the hop, he's been very disorganised about everything and my husband suspects that because we've been quite understanding, he's put us off so he can deal with other, less amenable clients.


None the less, it's not a very professional way to behave so we shall see what the morning brings.


Thanks again, all, for your comments and advice :D

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No. They have been postponed till February :roll:


Basically, he gave me a fitting date of November which I said was not acceptable (I'd already said Mid-October was the latest I would accept).


I did tell him to cancel the order and give my deposit back but he'd already put the order in with his supplier who were refusing to refund him and so after a lot of argy bargy we decided that we could either take him to court to get our money back or stick with it and set a date that worked for us and we've decided (rightly or wrongly) to stick with him and have told him to do it at the end of February. I always have a week off work then anyway and I can handle the disruption then, but not in November because it's too close to the Festive season. At least in February we will have all spring and summer to get the house re-decorated.


I've told him it's that week or not at all, and he's accepted this.


So we shall see what happens. He's in Last Chance Saloon now and if he fails us again then we will be going down the legal route which we don't really want to do. He's a sole trader and even if the court found in our favour we may not get the money back anyway.


All this because we did the sensible thing of using someone we'd used before and who we trusted to go a good job! I hear on the grapevine that a lot of folk round here who know him say he's a good workman but a terrible businessman!


I'm not entirely happy, well actually I'm livid but now it's a case of trying to make the best of a bad situation.

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:shock: On no! What a disaster....do you think that he's taken on more than he can manage? I too like to support 'local' people who need the business over large, nationwide companies but this is beyond unhelpful. Have you put all this in writing with the date of the week in Feb? At least then, heaven forbid, if things don't work out you have a concrete agreement.
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Yes, everything is in writing and all communication has been by email so no worries on that front.


And yes, it is a total disaster! :evil:


I did look up how to go about taking someone to court and all the information I found said it is better to seek some sort of resolution first or to come to a compromise before you resort to the court and I guess moving the fitting to February to accommodate everyone would be classed as such so if it does come down to the legal eagles then I think it can be said that we have done everything we can and have been reasonable.


I hope it doesn't come to that though. :pray:

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I did tell him to cancel the order and give my deposit back but he'd already put the order in with his supplier who were refusing to refund him



Can I just say, we were in the double glazing business for 35 odd years until last year when we upped & moved to France. We had a small firm, just my Husband doing the measuring & fitting.


This is hogwash - he is stringing you along.

Double glazed units are made in 4 weeks, often much less...even is he has placed an order with his supplier, he will not have paid them any money yet, & they will NOT have made them yet. Payment is generally upon collection, not on order, although I guess it depends on his relationship with his supplier.

No business will have had the units made now for a February fit!


He has acted in a totally unprofessional way & you should demand your money back.

If he refuses, send him a letter by recorded delivery cancelling your order & asking for your deposit back within 10 days or you will go to small claims.

If you do not get it back, go to small claims....you will win.

Alternatively you could ask for delivery of the windows, seeing as how they have been paid for...


We never took deposits - it was easier that way. So yes, occasionally life does get in the way & customers get delayed or let down, but it was rare that this happened.

At the VERY least ask to see his receipt from his supplier for your order.


I hope this is of some help.

Feel free to pm me if you like.

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