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Treatment for smelly ears....dogs.

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I have miniature Schnauzer who is groomed every 6 weeks.About 6 weeks ago we noticed her inner ear hair was a completely solid plug of hair and oil.We snipped it away and she was very tolerant of me plucking a few hairs out of her ear canal every day. I am now reasonable confident her ear canals are clear but recently have noticed there is definately whiff off one ear.Can anyone suggest a treatment I could try at home,if it is yeast infection would OTC caneston cream work.I know if I go to vets it will be fee,plus ear wash, plus medication and prob a swab to lab and they charge a fortune.Thank you wise ones.

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We used to use vinegar on our Cocker Spaniel.

I can't quite remember exactly ( she has been gone 4 years now :( ) but think it was a teaspoon of vinegar to 2 teaspoons of water. We used to wipe the inside of her ears and it was amazing how much 'dirt' came out.

I think we just used normal vinegar.


If she went to the vet for ear stuff I think we always used to have Canaural.

A few drops in each ear and a squelchy massage followed by a wipe for a few days usually did the trick.


I hope your dog's ears smell better soon.

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Vinegar will shift it, then maintain with Thornitts ear powder - wonderful stuff. My grandad used to use it on all his gundogs. I use it on my lurchers, especially the one with fringed ears, who loves to go mouse hunting through the straw in the fields at this time of year - she comes out with ears itching and full of harvest mites!

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I have just seen this and was about to recommend Thornit, but I see others got there first.


Fantastic stuff. My cocker spaniel had an ear infection the vets couldn't clear, despite me spending lots of dosh. My friend gave me Thornit the same time as I got another lot of antibiotics, I used the Thornit, ignored the antibiotics. Took him back a week later the vet looked and said thats all cleared up nicely, although whats this white powder. I denied all knowledge and said maybe the groomer had used something. The vet said "its just some people swear by a product called Thornit, which is a powder. It doesn't work, and can cause more harm that good. As you see the last antibiotics cleared it up nicely" Oh how I wish I had been brave enough to produce those unused antibiotics tablets and ask for my money back.

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