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Clear liquid from mouth?

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I thought our oldie Beatrice was under the weather yesterday as she was a bit quiet, and there were some yellowy runny poos - but I wasn't sure they were hers. I was going to isolate her but she got stressed I let her in with the others last night. Have just picked her out of the Eglu and immediately a lot of very clear liquid came out of her mouth. I am familiar with sour crop, and did what i would normally do then (feel her crop, and tip her head gently for it to come out), but this is a lot of liquid, and is definitely clear, and seemed to be cming out simply when she was dipping her head or standing there. Her crop is balloony, but didn't look that way yesterday morning. I have not noticed her drinking more water than usual. She is gurgling a bit. Has anyone any ideas about this? The vet doesn't open till 9am so just wanted to see if I could gather some information before then. Thank you.

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