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I went to see this yesterday and it was terrifying in a totally delicious kind of way. It's scary and violent but great fun. I thought the children were all excellent in their various roles. I'm going to read the book because there were lots of things I wanted to find out but which I guess they didn't have time for in the film. I think Stephen King will have all that covered, loads of back story.

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It is one of my favourite books, but I was really disappointed with the film. Personally I didn't find it scary - but I am a HUGE horror movie fan, so I am probably harder to scare than a lot of people.


The main reason I was disappointed was because I had read repeatedly about how this version was meant to be closer to the book than the TV series was... but if you're a big fan of the book, you'll immediately spot the unnecessary changes. And the ending was absolutely nothing like it was in the book!


My partner said he could tell when something in the movie was a really bad adaptation of the book because apparently I kept muttering "Jesus" under my breath. :lol:


I thought it had as many faults as the TV series did - although, overall, I think Tim Curry's take on Pennywise was scarier. He seemed to have an ability to change between darkly comical and deeply sinister with the flick of a switch. I think the problem with the new guy is that they deliberately tried to make Pennywise scary from the off. In my opinion that backfired and made him less scary than he should have been.


I said to Rich (partner) that I don't think I'll be going to see Chapter 2, as I think another bad adaptation might forever mar my memory of a great book! I don't know... I'll probably wait for it on DVD or something.


I felt it was a real shame because if the movie had been a stand alone, and not based on the book, I'd have probably loved it!

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ES saw Insidous some years back and was terrified if wardrobe door got left open.


The movie itself didn't creep me out so much, but that red and black demon thingy scared the "Ooops, word censored!" out of me!


The movies that I find most scary are werewolf movies for some reason. I'm not sure why, but they have always set me on edge. I think the creepiest movie I have ever seen is The Company of Wolves. To this day I can only watch it if someone is in the house with me and the lights are on.


*cold shiver*


Another movie that sets me a bit on edge is called The Descent. It's a monster movie about a group of women who go caving, but monsters aside it shows them caving: crawling through the tunnels etc. with breathing room only. For me that was much worse than the monsters... there is one scene where one of the women gets stuck and I could actually feel myself starting to have a panic attack and trying to hold my breath exactly like the character was on screen. I decided there and then that caving would not be something I'd ever try.

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