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Too much grit?

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So I've always let my girls free range everyday so assumed they'd get all the grit they needed from foraging. Plus there is always grit left in the bottom of their grit pot so I haven't topped it up or replenished in months. I just happened to tip out the contents the other day and put in a fresh batch and the girls went crazy for it. So I topped it up 3 times and they still went crazy for it. I've topped it up everyday for the last few days and the reaction is always the same - a feeding frenzy. On closer inspection it looks like they're only targeting the shell fragments. So do they have a calcium deficiency? They're fed a good quality feed - Dodson and Horell's layers pellets, and the quality of their egg shells has never diminished. Should I continue topping up daily or are they just being 'greedy'?

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Sometimes they develop a bit of a compulsive habit; I would just once a week or fortnight.


What colour is the pot?


Often it's just the 'thrill of the new', which becomes a habit, or they can get addicted to the sound made by pecking the pot. Sometimes changing the colour of the coop pot helps - they are really attracted to red.

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