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new guinea pigs

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Just got two baby boy piggies the children have been asking for ages so after alot of reseach by me i gave in and let them have one each.

well they are lovley one will eat out of your hand already , the other just loves beining cuddled on your lap he lays flat with his back legs out making lovley noises.

The question i have is they dont like carrotts tomatoes, red peper or broccoli or parsley ,mint. The only things they love is kale, cucmber, grapes, cabbage.should i keep trying with the foods they wont eat or not?? Always have hay and i clean them out once aweek. They live outside under my carport.

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I love piggies and used to have them as a child. Sadly OH is very allergic to them :(

From what I remember they used to eat most things.

Yours sound like they eat quite a variety so I wouldn't worry about the other things too much - maybe their taste buds will change as they get older.


I'm sure someone else with piggies will be able to tell you more than I can.

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Ok, well tomato isn't good for them anyway it is a bit acidic and parsley can give them bladder stones. So I really wouldn't worry about those. Mine will eat carrots once there is nothing else left, but they are not their favourites. Kale is good, mine also have celery, but cut into small pieces as it can be stringy. They love coriander and I buy the bags of leaves for them. Cucumber is ok, but not too much as it can give them the runs and never give them iceberg lettuce. Again grapes are fine in moderation but they can make their mouths sore, as can apples.


Mine like broccoli stems but not the florets at much. They always have kale, peppers (any colour), celery, romaine lettuce or little gem, greens, cauliflower leaves if I have any. Occasional spinach but their absolute favourite is grass, especially the broad leaved couch grass.


Hope that helps


Keep an eye on them as they grow as boys can get a bit feisty when they reach those tricky teenage years

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Thanks for that, they are now eating all colour of peppers, brussells, kale is the favourite they will hqve carrott if nothing else left. Keeping my eye on them as one has a little bite to his eye think its just were the top guinea making sure he is still top pig

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