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When to pick pears

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it partly depends on the variety as to when they need to be picked. as their still on the tree then they will be picked when hard and need to be stored until their edible which can be days weeks or months again depending on the variety I know of at least 2 that don't get picked until late October early November one isn't edible til Christmas cooked and it'll keep til February when it's soft enough to eat as is. t'other one mainly a cooker can still be rock hard in March and I've known it keep til late June (not in a fridge) and was still edible,

the main 2 or 3 varieties in UK gardens are Conference , Doyenne du Comice ( also known as Comice Pear) and Concorde which should be ready to pick October time. first 2 show period of use as Oct-Nov Concorde Oct- Feb.

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About two weeks ago I collected about 7 kilos of pears, put them in a bowl, they were stone hard, after a week they were very delicious, I am not sure of the variety, the only thing I know it is not conference " I cut the conference because of poor disease resistance"

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