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The Dogmother

Escaping hen!

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Got home in time to put the laydees in before it started to get dark, only to find one missing.... she was in next door's garden. Something must have spooked her as she's not a natural flyer and she seemed very flustered. Neighbours out, so I got step ladder to help me hop over the fence. Ruddy hen legged it behind their shed, resisting all efforts with mealworms and a net to get her out.


I tried scrambling over my woodpile to see if I could get to her that way, to no avail. I ended up texting the neighbour to let her know and will search again for her in daylight tomorrow - just hope that she is safe through the night :roll:


This was all while I was still dressed in my work clothes, and the dogs were whining from inside as they wanted to get out for a wee!!


Will update in the morning, am hoping to find her standing outside the run, waiting to be let in :shameonu:

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Sadly, it looks like she came out in the night and was nabbed by a fox; there's a pile of feathers on the lawn and no sign of her.


I went out after dark with a torch, a couple of times, to look for her, but hoped that she would have the sense to stay holed up until daylight.


Damn! She was a nice millefleur pekin too.

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Sorry for your loss Dogmother

Be careful now, the fox has tasted the yummy and will hang around for a while.

About three years ago someone dumped a rooster near my house, he couldn't fly the fence and my roosters wouldn't let him anyway, he was roosting on a tree, one day I went out to give him some mixed corn, I found feathers everywhere, then I lost 5 hens, a rooster and 7 chicks to the fox.

I wish If I have culled that rooster, but I thought he will be fine.

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