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Nettex anti-feather pecking spray - CONFUSED !!!

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On the Nettex web site (but not on the bottle as far as I can see ?)



it says - "How to use - Spray on to any affected areas including skin where feathers have been removed. Use on feathers should be avoided."


How critical is it to avoid use on feathers ? I have only just read this and usually spray on and around any peck site(s) - I thought that it partly deterred further feather pecking as it tasted so bad on the actual feathers.



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If the habit of feather pulling hasn't gone too far down the line, then this spray does work, but you have to follow the dosing amounts closely. I have sprayed it on feathers (another flock, not mine) before and there's been no problem, so not sure about that comment. It is far easier to spray it on an old paintbrush and then apply that way... just don't get any on yourself or breathe it in!


I prefer to use bumpa bits if there's a pecking problem and have fitted countless of them to other folks' flocks over the years. Some people are a bit squeamish about them, but the bird honestly forgets about them after the first few minutes and a bird wearing a bumpa bit is far better than cannibalism, which is a real danger if you have a pecking bird. :(

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Does it actually work? I've pretty much given up on feather pecking because nothing seems to work, I would love to break the habit if I could.


I had a year of problems with feather pecking which drove me crazy and was really upsetting (think I posted about it a lot here!) In the end bumpa bits were what worked for me (and I tried 'everything') - though it wasn't an immediate affect - took a couple of weeks for the bully to stop.

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I've tried bumper bits before and found it quite traumatic fitting them - doing it for six hens is more than I can face. I can do the spray (great tip about the paintbrush, btw!) after dark one at a time more easily, it's just that I've tried sprays in the past and not been impressed.


I'm so fed up with it, but despite lots of free-ranging time, treats hanging up to peck at etc, nothing seems to stop them.

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Well it all began last year when they were confined during the avian flu restrictions. Once established, it's a really hard habit to break; two of them are (mostly) fully-feathered so I guess they are the main culprits, although they have a few patches. Two more are a bit patchy, and the other two are looking dreadful. They all seem to live happily together, are laying, seem healthy etc but I hate the look of it.


I have got a friend who could help, although usually he helps with despatching! I think I will try repeated applications of the spray first and if that doesn't work I will try bits. Thanks for the advice.

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