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Before & After Pics *Images Fixed!*

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So this is my coop & run that was destined for the bonfire :






And this is it now resplendent with chickens :







I'm very happy with both the set up & the girls :) P.S. If anyone has any idea what sort of hens I have I would be gqld to hear your thoughts - currently they are 'the grey ones', 'the ginger ones' and 'the cream ones' :)

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My newbie guess is your striped chickens are probably Barred Rocks. Very common chickens. I have 2 and they are quite friendly and the one is my first layer. She makes a pretty, medium colored brown egg. She has laid 7 eggs in 8 days, so a good layer!


The other striped chickens that I have heard of are a Dominique. I have never seen one. Everyone around me has Barred Rocks as they are hearty, good with kids and good layers.

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Thanks for the input, I was just sold them as 'various hybrids' so it's nice to have an idea of what they might be, good to hear that the might be potentially good layers! They we pretty cheap also, it's no-nonsense farm feed store that I got them from.


Today's mission is to run a length of chicken wire along the inside of the hedge line as there are a few gaps that they can pop through, then they can spend all day out in the beautiful sunshine that we are having :)

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Yep looks like the grey ones are barred rocks. The ginger ones look like columbaian blac tails ( fantastic layers ). Jury out on the others :think:
Think the others are what Omlet would call Gingernut ranger, also have lots of other names ( Warrens, ISA Browns)

X 2

Except ( fantastic layers ) they do lay well but they lay in strange places and they get broody.

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Broodiness will be a whole new experience for me, I have only ever had a couple of very elderly bantams many years ago that I inherited when the lady I worked for died. That is my sole previous chicken keeping experience! Today the girls have had a great time, they free ranged all day yesterday and today, but this afternoon they plucked up the courage to explore the garden much more, even coming down to the house. Before this they have stayed near to the coop in a sheltered corner where they have dug a fairly impressive crater to dust bathe in. I am now slightly worried that they might sod off over the side gate as it's only about 4' high. Or come in through the cat flap lol

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