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How far can your car run on 'empty"?

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learned a long time ago not to run a vehicle down to empty well must past a quarter tank ended up with the fuel system been flushed out and the filters changed due to water in the tank that time it was a company van

had it happen twice with this van through both times the gauge was more than a quarter know I have to put an additive in once or twice a year to remove any water

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No Mitsubishis either. But I don't like being below the last notch. I panic. I have vivid recollections of a cold night and OH saying there's plenty of petrol left to get home, after he'd announced that his red light was on in the Caravelle and had been on since we'd left his cousin in Bournemouth! Half a mile from home on the M3 with a grumpy half naked teenager (he went out with his cousins in the pouring rain without his coat and got drenched, so was wrapped in a car blanket) and a slightly younger half asleep daughter. OH walked home to get a petrol can and get some petrol. In the meantime a nice traffic officer pulled up and stayed with us until another police car brought OH along with some petrol. Some say the police are (not nice wordies) but these guys were absolutely wonderful. Of course every time we go past that sign we wave at it. It's become a good luck thing with me - and it also winds OH up as he now tries to distract me as that marker approaches - or he hides behind a lorry. Nah ah aaaahhhh! So nope, I'm not going to find out unless the tank counter is broken! :lol:

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I always drive on my mileometer rather than petrol tank indicator. Goes back yonks to when I had a Metro (remember those :lol: ) which had a very unreliable fuel gauge.


Latest car (I say 'latest' but its a Skoda Fabia 15 years old :oops: had it 4 and a bit years, done 20, 000 and a few miles since then) has a gadgety thing that tells you how many miles you have left in the tank if you press something on the indicator stalk. I've driven with this up on the 'screen' though and it keeps changing by up to 20 miles as I'm driving along so will stick with my old method! Its automatic now for me to press the reset as I drive off the petrol station forecourt :lol:

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